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100 x used First Solar FS-272-277 thin film solar modules will be auctioned. The PV modules have a nominal power output of 72.5Wp to 77.5Wp. Total output per pallet: 3,625Wp / 3.625KWp to 3,875Wp / 3.875KWp. The First Solar modules are safely packed for transport with 50 x FS-272-277 modules in a pallet / box. Additionally 1 x used SMA inverter SMC 7000HV with a power of 7000W.

Technical data modules:
Manufacturer: First Solar
Nominal power: 72,5Wp-77,5WpWp
Condition: Used
Module Dimensions: 1.200 x 600 x 6,8mm Weight: 12Kg
Pallet:50 modules = 3.625KWp - 3.875KWp Nominal power

Inverter technical data:
Manufacturer SMA Technologie AG
Type: SMC 7000HV
Power: 7.000W / 7,0KW
Dimensions: Approx. 468 x 613 x 242 mm Weight 65Kg

Further technical details modules and inverters: see data sheet and photo nameplate
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Logistics data:
Pallet dimensions modules:
1370 x1120 x 900mm Weight: 650Kg
The pallets are stackable

Pallet dimensions inverter:
1.200 x 800 x 700 mm Pallet 85 Kg

Fee: 18,00% - VAT: 16,00%

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Wed  8/26/2020,  10:00 AM
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Wed  9/16/2020,  4:10 PM
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Wed  9/16/2020,  4:30 PM

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